Creating a diverse, dynamic, joyful, and balanced musical childhood for children

Experts and scholars unanimously recommend the best introductory music courses
Children learn music happily through experiencing its essence

Diversity/Multifaceted Experience, Diverse Creation

There's a wide variety of percussion instruments, offering delightful tones, rich rhythms, and diverse melodies, sparking imagination and creativity

Vibrancy/Interactive Energy, Unleashing Vibrancy Together

Playing with music, loving music, expressing passion in lively settings, learning to affirm others while affirming oneself

Happiness/Step-by-Step Progress: Joyful Learning

Learning should be joyful, starting from instruments that are beginner-friendly to minimize frustration from ground zero, allowing children to establish inner confidence through notable achievements

Balance/Dual Progress: Holistic Development

Learning percussion instruments promotes balanced coordination, facilitating the concurrent development of both left and right brain hemispheres, fostering a well-rounded mental and physical capacity

"Meiling Music House Parent-Child Music Course

Specially designed for babies under 4 years old and their parents, this parent-child music course explores auditory, visual, and tactile senses, initiating early development for children's boundless futures

Chinese Drum Art Exercise Course

This course interprets drum music through various percussion techniques such as single strikes, double strikes, pressure hits, muffled tones, cut-offs, accents, etc., integrating diverse martial arts-inspired rhythmic movements for a multifaceted presentation

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