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My Way Of Music & Life

The meiling Holistic Music Teaching System was founded in 1992, focusing on percussion education for individuals aged 2 to 18 and above. This includes instruction in over 40 different instruments such as xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, congas, bongos, African drums, jazz drums, and more

"Whole-Person Education

Music learning represents the pinnacle of holistic education.

Whole-person music education emphasizes the dual importance of music instruction and character development. Beyond imparting musical knowledge and skills, it fosters children’s understanding of their strengths through ensemble interaction and even group performances, cultivating teamwork, respect, mutual assistance, and communal values. Learning through music creation instills confidence and establishes correct value systems.

With the utmost passion for education, we aim to make children fall in love with music and derive joy from learning.

‘Interest’ serves as the most crucial initial mentor and the greatest motivator in learning. We help children fall in love with music through play, igniting their interest in learning and transforming them into confident, joyful musicians.

Creating a teaching environment centered around the individual is our hallmark of expertise in whole-person music education.

Education is a human-centered endeavor. Grounded in this belief, we design age-appropriate, adaptive, and balanced curriculum systems that integrate personality development education. This inspires children to learn to interact with themselves and others. Furthermore, our ability to operate music instruction and curriculum development positions us as a leading music education system in children’s music education.

We uphold a responsible attitude toward our principles, ensuring children grow up happily and healthily in a quality environment.

Music is an accumulation of experiences, and every minute and second within this process represents education. Upholding accredited professional instructors and fully registered classroom equipment underscores our commitment to providing a quality teaching environment.