The 'ISO9001 Certified' Music Teaching System

The Meiling Percussion’s xylophone solo competition aims to provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their individual solo skills alongside group ensemble practice. Those willing to take on the challenge are courageous individuals deserving commendation!

meiling Percussion Music School

We believe that every competition serves as a platform for accumulating stage experience

because we consistently trust that only by upholding ideals can we shape an extraordinary future for children. meiling Percussion embodies the ‘Whole-Person Music’ educational philosophy, guiding children through a learning environment that is diverse, vibrant, joyful, and balanced. We eschew the pressure of traditional grading systems, fostering a warm peer interaction and support system, emphasizing holistic education values, and leading everyone towards a brighter future.

The Meiling Whole-Person Music Teaching System currently operates chain teaching centers nationwide and stands as the sole music teaching system certified by ISO9001. Leveraging the innate rhythmic sense and human instinct for percussion, we nurture children's wholesome character throughout their musical learning journey.