Parent Reviews

The environment is warm and lovely, and the kids in the classroom are influenced to be lively and adorable by the atmosphere.👏👏
Teachers are attentive and provide a fantastic learning environment.
Teacher Huang is dedicated in teaching, and the environment is clean... the kids thrive in this joyful learning environment.👍
The classroom is clean and comfortable, administrative services are efficient and friendly. Teachers promptly identify and resolve students' learning issues, making learning here enjoyable and rewarding.
Music learning here encompasses life attitudes, presenting advantages not seen in other talent classes. Teacher Huang instructs children with care and skill, allowing them to drop their guard and learn comfortably. The atmosphere is harmonious, the environment clean, and it's highly recommended.
My child has been learning music at Meilin for three years. Besides acquiring musical skills, the most important lessons learned are how to handle daily life routines and face the future with a positive, optimistic attitude. Sincere thanks to Teacher Huang for providing a joyful learning environment for the children.
Teachers are professional and passionate. Head Teacher Huang leads the children into the curriculum effectively, igniting their motivation to learn and encouraging them enthusiastically.
The teaching content at meiling neihu branch is rich, lively, and diverse. It's highly musical, and the teachers are earnest and friendly, allowing learners, both young and old, to fully immerse themselves and gain many benefits.
The teachers are professional and teach with enthusiasm, making the classes dynamic and lively. Beyond music proficiency, they also focus on children's holistic development.
The music foundation taught here is solid. Apart from music, children also learn manners, cleanliness, respect, self-discipline, and more!
Teacher Huang at meiling neihu is extremely professional. The staff at the counter is very friendly and lovely. It's a great place for children to learn music.👍👍
Participating in meiling neihu Music's enrollment experience class, we were warmly greeted upon entry. The classroom was clean, with a wide variety of well-organized instruments, creating a comfortable learning environment. Initially, our child was a bit shy, but quickly embraced the lively class. Aside from learning rhythm through singing, they also experienced various instruments and practiced playing them on stage. The teacher designs a rich and fun curriculum, ensuring the children have a joyful time.